Things that matter. Things that don’t.

Every single year at this particular time of year I find myself running around with curse words flying out of my mouth, my legs about to collapse, and my head about to explode. This year, those feelings have been multiplied by 73 million! The last week of my busiest work week, Doug was sick, THEN he left to go out of town. Not to mention the difference between having 2 to 4 kids is, while SUPER fun, exhausting. Connor and Danny are busier than I am. Getting them to take a shower is harder than convincing someone who has never been to London that London is SUPERB. No. I have never been to London. But I know it is amazing and I WILL MAKE IT ONE DAY! And between them, they have USUALLY 3-6 games per weekend. That is just the beginning.

Ryan is cute. But he is needy and wants attention 24/7. He always has something he wants to “talk about” or “show you” and he cannot yet play alone |for long|. He truly is the most hilarious little boy on EARTH! And Maddie is the smallest diva in existence. She is determined to make my sleeps shorter, my days longer/harder, and my efforts to keep her alive nearly impossible!

On top of all of this. HOLY orders. And I’m not even talking about Mama Said Tees. Colleen B. has been doing all the labor there and I know she is as busy as me and the rest of us. Probably busier. Because she is my SUPERWOMAN! But for whatever reason, my print orders and emails and convos have been off the charts. So appreciated and needed, but I have not had a spare second to do anything that needs doing during the season because there haven’t been enough hours in the day. Needless to say, I have not yet shopped for Christmas. We leave Monday for Destin (THANK YOU, friend). We are DRIVING with the 4 above mentioned children and my amazing parents. But…. for some reason… and maybe it’s because I got my final print in the mail today… I feel like taking a moment to remember what matters. We all do! Because we are ALL busy. No matter if we have no kids, 10 kids, a furry animal, a tasking job, or a demanding hobby. We are all very busy. And if we put our hearts into the things we do… well then we are busier than busy! So… sometimes…  it can’t hurt to remember what TRULY matters.

I love the Rascal Flatts Song “Things that matter” – To me, things that matter are: Making my parents proud. Loving my kids, my family my friends. EVERYONE, really! Being kind to others. Being with my mom. Making someone elses day a little better. Complimenting my husband because, well, he deserves to be complimented. Choosing happiness. Bringing my own susnshine no matter the weather. Going with what is right versus what is easy. Being a good friend. God knows I have leaned on my friends more than ever the past few months. I am leaning on them now, as I type, both new and old, and don’t know what I’d do without them. And making TIME for those who matter to us. ❤ Things that DON’T matter are: That I haven’t REALLY started Christmas shopping. That I don’t even have my stockings hung. That I re-washed the clothes in the washer just so I wouldn’t have to put them in the dryer thus having to fold them and then put them away. UGH. That my body aches, my eyes are tired, and that I wish I was like, 4 pounds lighter. Who am I kidding. 10 pounds. What MATTERS is that chicken fingers and french fries just taste way too good.

Everyone says that they are in awe of what Doug and I are doing, but the truth is, you would do it, too. I pray that you don’t have to, EVER, but I look at it as a privilege to get to know my nephews in a capacity I never would have before. When one of Connor’s friends moms tells me that her daughter came home and said that Connor told her that his baby sister was coming to his Christmas program — that matters. THINGS THAT MATTER: the memories I have with Shannon. The lessons she taught me. Raising her boys to be good, kind gentlemen. THINGS THAT DON’T matter: that they don’t like showering (I am just praying that changes!) That they are really really bad at putting their dishes in the sink, putting away their video games, and being tidy in general. That Maddie hates sleep as much as I LOVE it and that Ryan’s favorite word as of late is “NOPE”.

Let’s all take a step back and have a grateful heart for the things we DO have, and not be bitter about the things we don’t! And let’s all just remember what matters most, always, is LOVE.

xxx Colleen – OH AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!