My name is Colleen O’Malia Stine. I stick my maiden name in whenever I can because I am obsessed with my Irish Heritage. I am a wife to my better half, a mommy to 5 beautiful children, a daughter to the world’s best parents, a sister to my sisters (one on earth, one in Heaven) and so lucky and blessed to be a part of such an amazing family and wonderful friends. I have been “diet coke sober” since March 13 of this year (2016) but I love water and coffee and Doritos, among many other random things! I believe that it is the little things in life that make it grand. I do what I love. I love what I do.

Oh, and… being a mom is, without a doubt, the best job I’ve ever had 🙂


(Pictured below are my little ducks. I have all together given up figuring out how to get them all in a row. So I’m trying to enjoy the “waddles” 🙂Untitled

@cocostine – @mamasaidtees – @cocostinedesigns

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