mama said tees

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I am one of the two Colleens of Mama Said Tees, and I couldn’t love it more. Colleen B. and I  “met” online and became fast friends who wanted to start a company that could spread love & kindness all over the world!
Just 5 days after we started our little ‘company that could’ my sister was tragically killed in an unthinkable act of domestic violence leaving my two nephews without parents.This made our mission so much more important than we could have ever expected. My husband and I have since adopted the boys as our own, and they are growing every day with strength and grace spreading the love that their mother, my sister Shannon personified.
In all we Colleens have 7 children and 1 furry baby. We are determined to make this world a better place, and we won’t stop until we have left a really big mark. We have learned so much from our customers and know that if we work together everyone can and will be a little bit kinder! xxx C&C



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